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Daria Chebotova

Exotic Slow Motion

All levels. Suitable for beginners. 75 mins.

Exotic Beauty in Simple Moves

All levels. Suitable for beginners. 75 mins.

Exotic Floor Work

Intermediate. 75 mins.

Exotic Combos

Intermediate. 75 mins.

Exotic Intensive Choreo

Advanced. 75 mins.

Exotic Power Leg Work

Advanced. 75 mins.

Exotic Choreo Romantic Sexy Move

All levels. 75 mins.

Daria Chebotova pole dance instructor
* private lessons available!

Nadia Sharif

Signature Tricks – (int/adv):

Must be able to climb and invert Nadia is known for her unique style and tricks. This class is always changing, so if you have taken this workshop before, chances are if you take it again, a completely new set of skills will be covered. Expect to explore both grounded and aerial combinations with added flavor and style, which may include drops, twists, flares and funky inversions. Nadia will also take suggestions for those of you dying to learn a specific signature skill. (75 mins)

Urban Pole - (all levels):

A workshop focused on grounded flows/combos drawing from movement inspired by capoeira and acrobatics combined with classic pole transitions, such as pirouettes, inversions and sexy foot dragging. Be prepared to play with funky pole cartwheels and cleaning the floor with your body. Please wear pants, leg warmers and layers. (75 mins)

Drops! - (int/adv):

This workshop will cover the basic elements needed for safe, fast and exciting drops as well as drop sequences, tumbles and combinations. Be prepared to wow your crowd after this workshop.(75 mins)

Spinning on Static - (all levels):

Nadia is known for her unique, powerful yet graceful spins and rotation on a static pole. With a background in engineering and physics she brings a new light to executing even the most basic spins to give them that extra flare. This workshop will not only cover jaw-dropping spins but will also include pole tricks and combos that have a natural, beautiful rotation and how to use that rotation for your advantage to embrace a more fluid and graceful movement.(75 mins)

Pure Spin - (int):

Must be able to climb This workshop will cover the basic skills needed to execute advanced spinning pole tricks. The essentials are covered, such as climbing, inverting, controlling the spin and respecting the force we must work with when on a spinner. Nadia will share some of her favorite, fun and unique, signature spinning tricks and combos.(75 mins)

Floor Magic - (all levels):

Learn Nadia’s favourite floor-work in heels! Be prepared to slide, glide, clack and flare! This workshop will cover some fun floor combinations that will have you slaying the stage! Bring your knee-pads and cameras! (75 mins)

Acro Dance - (all levels):

This workshop will cover Nadia’s Funky Fresh B-girl capoeira style floor work. Be prepared to invert, cartwheel and learn some dope across the floor traveling sequences as well as some sugar grounded flows. Leg warmers, knee-pads and cameras are invited. (75 mins)

Performance - (all levels):

This workshop is designed to improve performance and movement skills for every level of pole dancer. Nadia will start with some exercises to take you out of your comfort zone and explore the intention of movement. The class will then learn a bit of choreography, ranging anywhere from weird-sexy to contemporary-thrash allowing and learning to dance with musicality, presence, intention and emotion.(75 mins)

Nadia Sharif pole dance instructor
* private lessons available!

Josh Taylor

Flexibility: Integrate to open!

150 minutes

Should flexibility development be a painful process? The answer, simply, is no. This workshop will teach how and why you develop flexibility, emphasising a technique that distributes the physical stress of challenging ranges of motion throughout your body, minimising your risk of injury - short or long term. Get immediate and long term results by developing an integrated, intuitive approach to your flexibility development.

Pole Scientist: Tricks, Physics and Fluidity

90 minutes

Technique, Fluidity and mechanics. Learn how you create spin, rotation, dynamic power and fluidity in movement. Break down all of these forces in some cool combinations and identify how to control your pole technique, exploring different planes of movement and new ways to initiate flows on and off the pole. Learn the physics that help you fly!

Contemporary Pole Choreo

90 minutes

Movement, Musicality, Expression and Choreography. This class is a fully choreographed pole dance class. Dive into movement, understand quality and expression and challenge yourself through dance. Enjoy music, your classmates and your body!

Unicorn Porn

90 minutes

Unicorns don’t give a fuck, they know they are fabulous, and so should you. This is a choreographed pole dance class in HEELS. Warm up in shoes, learn exotic and acrobatic floor work across the room and a sexy routine. A "do not give a shit" attitude is highly recommended.

Floor Surfing

75 minutes

Freezes, Floorwork and Flow Learn to slide, flow and fly across the floor with contemporary floorwork technique, fluidity combinations and dance movement. Make your floorwork feel fun, powerful and effortless all while bending like a pretzel! The combinations taught in this class connect together into one fluid routine. YOU MUST WEAR SWEAT PANTS, SOCKS AND A SHIRT FOR THIS CLASS. Knee pads are recommended.

Feel the Floor, Find the Pole

90 minutes

Floorwork technique, proprioception exercises, fluidity drills. Connect to your sense of touch, and your sense of your own body, to transform your relationship with physical fluidity, pole dance and floor movement. The importance of the relationship between successful movement and your senses cannot be overstated. Through a series of improvisational exercises and sensory games this class will teach you to listen to your body like never before. Unlock a skill that will keep giving to you for the rest of your pole journey!

Josh pole dance instructor
* private lessons available!